Where Faith, Family and Friends matter most.

In 1960 Randy’s father opened the first Chicken Hut restaurant in Eau Claire. Following in his father’s love for serving others through hospitality, Randy opened the Chicken Hut on MacArthur Ave in 1984 and soon after he changed the name to Randy’s Family Restaurant.

In 1997, while raising their own family, Randy and Laura became aware of the many pressures on the family. With hurried lives, many commitments and little time for those they love, they recognized the importance of having time to spend on what really matters most. In order to give themselves and their employee’s this time they made the decision to close on Sunday’s.

This decision was not an easy one to make as Randy’s considered our employees and customers; however
Randy’s is committed to continue to serve our customers with our friendly staff, quick service and affordable prices that will make your dining experience enjoyable.

We want to express to you our gratitude for your years of patronage and we will continue to strive to hire those who share our desire and vision to serve with excellence.